Make Peace with the struggle.


Dr. Robert Schuller said it best when he coined the phrase, “tough times never last tough people do.” He’s living proof. Millard Fuller founder, extraordinaire, of habitat for humanity is no stranger to struggle either. Hell, that’s his middle name. He traded a lifestyle of lap and luxury for a saw and a hammer. How did he do it? He found inspiration to giving back through a not so pleasant doctors report.

Now his organization builds homes for well deserving lives all over the world. Despite Fuller’s struggles with his health, and family he managed to rise above the difficult times to leave his mark on the world. In short the key underlying factor in both the lives of Fuller and Schuller is this. No matter what curves and turns each had to negotiate, both found the straight and narrow from the arrow of precision, participation, and yes peace.

The million dollar question. How do you make peace with the struggle? Well for starters Fredrick Douglas once said “Where there’s no struggle there’s no progress.  The key word in Douglas quote is “progress.”  Progress is a accomplished when a leader can minimize mistakes, learn from those same mistakes and share their wealth of information to the next man.

In this scenario you’ve accomplished progress for yourself and help someone else  through shared knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Here are three rules to make peace with the struggle.

Rule # 1: Visualize and understand life through a blind mans eyes. Richard Eden is a great friend of mine who i met a few years ago. He is legally blind in both of his eyes, but not in his mind. He could easily wake up each morning and complain about his situation, but instead he uses his faith and peace as a positive coping tool. Here is the point I would like to make. Positively breeds belief, and belief sustains peace. Life is only struggle if you see it as a struggle. Open your eyes.

Rule # 2: “Resist the thought of placing yourself in someone else shoes of success. If you’re not willing to go through the trials and tribulations of that same person then you are not ready for the introduction of that man or woman’s life. Remember that. This mentality will leave you at a constant stream of struggle and strife all your life.

Rule # 3: Being positive is a state of mind and a way of life. Big idea. You must eat, sleep, and breathe positively. Like eating and breathing is essential to life, being positive is the life blood for all of the  leaders you serve.

How are you turning bad times into great times during your goal setting objectives.

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Peak performance starts with premiere practices.


There’s a quote that reads perfect practice equals perfect play.  High level thinkers who position themselves to be the best in their industry all have one thing in common. Their daily and weekly Practices are second to none. If you’re struggling with mastering a certain area or craft in your life then  I suggest you become acclimated to “premiere practices.” In simplest form premiere practices are daily and weekly blueprints of your life, health, and overall prosperity. If you want to run a four minute mile and acheive optimal health in the process there are a few things you must know other than a great pace, and stamina. Rule number one. Eat like a champion. Research shows that a great well balanced meal with a proper amount of proteins carbs, and fats will decrease your chances of colon cancer and cardiovascular disease. As a result increasing your productivity. Rule number two. Incorporate an exercise regimen at a minimum of twice per week. Looking great and feeling even better doesn’t take a $ 100 an hour trainer. Simply do your research and find what works best with you. Easy right? The last three rules you will be given the opportunity to combine each into three one hour blocks out of your day. The first block is a prayer period. This is the most important part because this time is used to restore your faith, fulfillment, and future. The second block is a patience period. If you become irritated at things in your day the patience period is a time to train your brain to relax and spend more time in that difficult moment to migrate from novice to master. The last part is a purpose period. You must ask yourself the question, what am I doing to better the next man’s life, and what impact will I leave when I’m gone from this earth. Please list how you are implementing your premiere practices.

Be present with team members.


Important thought. Today’s leaders shapes tomorrow’s future. Have you ever wondered why team members are disengaged or not as productive as you want them to be. I have. This is the basis of this topic I wanted to discuss with you. Being present and engaging with the people whom work alongside of you has many rewards as a business owner. First it allows you to get to know the people that represent your brand. This is important because the quality of your product or service speaks volumes to the end customer. Next it allows you to build rapport with them on a professional and personal level. Most of the successful leaders and entrepreneurs today understands that business Is not always about crunching numbers, and organizing budget meetings, but setting aside time to get to know the people you employ. How do you feel about incorporating this time with team members. What steps do you take to build a healthy relationship?