Be present with team members.


Important thought. Today’s leaders shapes tomorrow’s future. Have you ever wondered why team members are disengaged or not as productive as you want them to be. I have. This is the basis of this topic I wanted to discuss with you. Being present and engaging with the people whom work alongside of you has many rewards as a business owner. First it allows you to get to know the people that represent your brand. This is important because the quality of your product or service speaks volumes to the end customer. Next it allows you to build rapport with them on a professional and personal level. Most of the successful leaders and entrepreneurs today understands that business Is not always about crunching numbers, and organizing budget meetings, but setting aside time to get to know the people you employ. How do you feel about incorporating this time with team members. What steps do you take to build a healthy relationship?


About Demetrius Kilgore.

Hello my name ia Demetrius Kilgore. Im a self help writer that enjoys writing material that allows you to lead, love, and learn personally, and profressionally. In that order. I currently write for The Walton Tribune as a guest columnist.

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