Peak performance starts with premiere practices.


There’s a quote that reads perfect practice equals perfect play.  High level thinkers who position themselves to be the best in their industry all have one thing in common. Their daily and weekly Practices are second to none. If you’re struggling with mastering a certain area or craft in your life then  I suggest you become acclimated to “premiere practices.” In simplest form premiere practices are daily and weekly blueprints of your life, health, and overall prosperity. If you want to run a four minute mile and acheive optimal health in the process there are a few things you must know other than a great pace, and stamina. Rule number one. Eat like a champion. Research shows that a great well balanced meal with a proper amount of proteins carbs, and fats will decrease your chances of colon cancer and cardiovascular disease. As a result increasing your productivity. Rule number two. Incorporate an exercise regimen at a minimum of twice per week. Looking great and feeling even better doesn’t take a $ 100 an hour trainer. Simply do your research and find what works best with you. Easy right? The last three rules you will be given the opportunity to combine each into three one hour blocks out of your day. The first block is a prayer period. This is the most important part because this time is used to restore your faith, fulfillment, and future. The second block is a patience period. If you become irritated at things in your day the patience period is a time to train your brain to relax and spend more time in that difficult moment to migrate from novice to master. The last part is a purpose period. You must ask yourself the question, what am I doing to better the next man’s life, and what impact will I leave when I’m gone from this earth. Please list how you are implementing your premiere practices.


About Demetrius Kilgore.

Hello my name ia Demetrius Kilgore. Im a self help writer that enjoys writing material that allows you to lead, love, and learn personally, and profressionally. In that order. I currently write for The Walton Tribune as a guest columnist.

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